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Although he achieved some success with the right way of body-scanning meditation, he knew he had not grasped it fully. Because of that, he decided to follow one way of doing it for the new three days instead of trying random patterns. He would start with a focus on the top of his head. He would then move to the right of it, left of it, the face and the neck and down.

Breakfast on his fifth day was therefore a happy one. He knew what he wanted to do this time. Two days of not hitting the target had taught him something. It had given him a plan. And by the end of the third day of trying this order, he was quite good at it. It required a lot of patience at times, but it was worth it. Except when focused meditation brought out hidden thoughts and feelings. Those were tough.

When he went to bed on the seventh night, he decided to change the order the following day. This time he would start from his feet. Maybe even from his arms.

This, he did for the next two days. His focus was not disturbed. The feelings and thoughts still arose the same way. His body felt like a whole unit in the midst of others like him. Now he knew that his body was one from top to the bottom and from bottom to top. It was one with whatever was around him. He was not feeling the separation anymore. Just Unity. Only Unity. Oneness, as it should be. Just Oneness. Only Oneness. He was lost in the Oneness. He wanted to be. He stayed here for God-know-how-long. It was lovely. The day that followed was the last day of this practice. The place he had come to abruptly with the help of unknown forces had just proved to be the most spectacular experience he had ever had. He had to wait nine days until he got it right, but he had. That is what mattered. He only wished, though, that he would be able to meditate on the Oneness some more. But he would come again, more prepared this time. He would then experience it more profoundly. He definitely would. He promised himself.

[to be continued]