The last day was sad. They had one last meditation session in the morning. It was easy and peaceful. His mind had clarified. Now, finally, he could feel what people were talking about when they said that meditation is a need. Everyone needs this calmness, he thought.

His friend came to pick him up in the afternoon. Today was the only day he could talk to other people. He had been in silence all this time. It was weird to hear people speaking after all these days. It was weird to get back to life. That is what he felt when he saw his friend. Getting in car felt strange. Going through the roads and villages on the side felt odd. When he finally came home, he felt as if he had been away for years. Oh, his laptop. Last time, he was searching for an exit from his void. His void had been filled. What did it feel like to touch the laptop? Oh, he kind of missed this. Did he want to open it now? No, not really.

Instead, he made himself some coffee and sat, thinking of the incredible ten days he had had. He wondered, would he be able to keep this practice going in his daily life, at least some of it? He wanted to and hoped to. But would he? Can people keep such a practice going? He was curious to find out. That was his new mission for his new life. His new, happier life.

[the end]