As she raised her head up, she tried to figure out what had just happened. The only thing that came to her mind was that she was trying to dodge the fall. That is all she remembered. She had leaned to the side so it would hurt less but now all she felt was pain on her side. A lot of it, too. Then she remembered more. She had noticed her speed increasing and she saw the fall coming. She remembered that part too. It felt bad, seeing something terrible about to happen but not being able to prevent it. And then she remembered even earlier, when she had decided to challenge herself.

The pain suddenly increased when she tried to turn on her back. She forgot all about what had happened. She stopped thinking. She had to. There was no one around to help her. In the middle of nowhere. That is where she was. She waited in pain. She had to.

As she waited hopelessly in the hidden corner, someone showed up. She got excited but he didn’t notice her pain. Disappointed, she went back to feeling her pain. As she waited hopelessly in the hidden corner, someone else showed up. This time, she did not get excited because she did not want to waste her excitement. But this time was different. Her pain was noticed. A miracle had happened. The second person to visit this hidden corner was a nurse just hanging around there. Out of all the people, a nurse.

The nurse found help for her. Now she was on her way to the hospital. Time to find out what this pain is all about.