To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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Mini-Story Completion

Mini Story Completion 34

She just wanted to sit on her balcony. This damn cat was just not letting this happen. She was afraid the cat would do something crazy and would jump down. That is why she had avoided it until today but today she really wanted sit on the balcony. Why did she have a balcony if she would not be able to sit there? So, she sat on the table on the balcony and started reading. Right then, she saw the cat running fast towards her. [Your continuation goes here].

Mini Story Completion 33

As she closed her eyes, she tried to imagine what it would feel like to live in her perfect life. The perfect life she saw in her vision now. Everything seemed and sounded perfect. Everything felt perfect. She wished she was there. Now, years later, she was remembering when she had had that vision. She looked around herself. Was her life close to her vision now? Was anything like in her vision? [Your continuation goes here]

Mini Story Completion 32

The twins were playing in the garden outside. The mother did not know that they were planning some prank on her. She was sitting in the living room, watching TV. She could see the twins at the same time. Half an hour into the show she was watching, she noticed the twins going in different directions. [Your ending goes here]

Mini Story Completion 31

The dark of the night was not peaceful to her, unlike what some people said. That is when her mind ran the wildest. Thought after thought. Again, thought after thought. Admittedly, she kind of liked thinking at night, but only when she could put in some nice thoughts in between all the bad ones. This did not happen tonight. Her mind refused anything positive. She tried to no avail. Then, something weird happened that helped her dive into good thoughts altogether. [Your continuation goes here].

Mini Story Completion 30

Today was the big day. He would finally open up to the girl. He had thought a lot about it, hesitated a lot too. But finally, he was sure. He would tell the girl when he saw him at school. He would probably see her after school because they were not in the same class. He got up, got dressed and left. To his surprise, the girl was waiting in front of the door of his classroom when he arrived. [What do you think happened now?]

Mini Story Completion 29

The one-year old boy liked the look of the fire. It was bright, attractive and big. He felt drawn to it and started walking towards the fire. But the adults were pulling him back each time. He was annoyed, so he started shouting and crying. He walked towards the fire again, but this time from a different angle. The adults had not noticed him yet and he was very close to the fire. [You continue the story now]

Mini Story Completion 28

There was heavy rain today. It was unusual for this town to have gloomy weather like this and he was surprised. Pleasantly? He was not sure. He had a few plans for the day and now they seemed to be impossible to do. But on the other hand, he was craving to stay home for a while and this was his chance. A day of his own. Little did he know what would soon happen, however. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini Story Completion 27

She was tired of all these Zoom meetings. Sitting on her bed at all times was not really serving her that well. At first, these meetings would excite her a bit but now she had stopped turning his camera on, never spoke a word during them and honestly just checked her phone all the time. She was sure today’s meeting would be the same too, but she had never been so wrong in years. [Your completion goes here]

Mini Story Completion 26

The baby was tiring. Running after him for hours. That was not her thing. She had looked after the baby for some hours now and she could feel her brain exploding, her body crumbling. She wanted to let the baby be for a bit while she took a brief rest in the other room. While she was doing that, she heard a loud sound coming from the room where the baby was. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini Story Completion 25

This fight was going to be a big one. Everyone was furious. It was all a small misunderstanding, but it had grown so much bigger than that. Right now, everyone was insulting each other. Someone had to stop this right now, or who knew what would happen. Oh, two people had already started hitting each other. Someone had to save this. Right now. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini Story Completion 24

The sides of the road looked perfect with all the tall and green trees. There were no other cars around here. They were isolated from the outside world and they were getting into the depths of nature. They had not reached their destination yet, but the drive was peaceful. Until suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of them. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini Story Completion 23

What a day it was! How come had he got involved in such an intense verbal fight? And at work! Trey had started it. If Trey had not said that in the first place, he would have stayed calm, although Trey was already trying to annoy him beforehand. Their boss was obviously not happy with the fight and they would talk about it tomorrow with the HR. Oh now, his phone was ringing. Oh, Why was Trey calling him now? [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 22

The smell of the morning was attractive. As she watched outside of the window and saw the world waking up, she felt joy inside. It had been a while since she felt this and she was happy she could feel it. When she was lost in her thoughts, she noticed something on her window. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 21

He did not know that day would make such an impact on him. A new family was moving in to the apartment next door. He could see there was someone similar to his age. So, he ran outside to meet this new friend. He went close to him and said: ‘Hi! I am John.’. The new friend looked into his eyes and said: ‘Hi! I am Ryan.’ ‘Do you want to go to the park?’ [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 20

Michelle was very excited to visit the city of her dreams. She had finally earned enough money to afford this trip. She had been planning this since her childhood. Everything was perfect. Everything was planned to the detail. She started the first day of her trip with these thoughts in mind. Little did she know she would experience the one of the biggest changes of her life that day. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 19

As a teacher, he sensed that there was something going on in his classroom among his students. They were not paying as much attention and they constantly talked to each other. He felt there was some issue and they were talking about it all the time. He did not know how to figure this out. He got an idea with a fellow teacher’s suggestion one day, though. On that suggestion, he went to the classroom and [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 18

Someone was playing some song very loudly outside. The sound somehow made her feel nostalgic. She was not sure which song was playing and she did not understand she felt nostalgic. She opened her window to hear it better. It was the song she was obsessed with as a teenager and she had even danced to it in a dancing competition. She wanted to go out and dance to it like no one was watching. But the reality was that people would be watching. She did not know how to choose between her urge and the reality. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 17

The birds just would not shut up. The city had emptied. No people, no cars. The birds had arrived instead. He liked it at the beginning. It was refreshing to see the birds and hear them. After a while, however, it started annoying him because the birds were chirping non-stop. He decided to put an end to this and climbed on his roof to the nest of the birds. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 16

He saw children fighting. One seemed especially angry. He was using both of his arms generously and enthusiastically for special effect on what he was saying. The others were listening but he could see the anger in the body movements of some and the anxiety in others. He was reminded of his own fights as a kid and he decided to go and tell the kids how to resolve their issue. He walked towards them and said: ‘Hey guys! Listen. I have something to tell you.’ [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 15

He loved the dark of the night. It was calming. He was inspired for his writing only at nights. He had written almost all parts of his upcoming book in the dead of the night. But there were those nights, like tonight, that scared him. He was feeling that chest pain that he always felt at such nights. He looked out the window to distract himself from the pain and he could not believe what he saw. [Your continuation goes here]. 

Mini-Story Completion 14

She thought everything was going fine but then quarantine happened. The biggest problem for her was that she did not know how to handle not being able to see him in person. Would she now just wait? Would she check his stories constantly? She wanted to do more but did not know what to do. When she was checking his stories again, a thought occurred to her. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 13

The fight seemingly came out of nowhere. The kids were playing soccer and suddenly two of them started to shout at each other. One kid was holding the ball and running away from others. All other kids were running after him. Suddenly, the kid with the ball stopped, turned around and said: [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 12

He was out for running but he did not feel like it. On those days, he would still force himself. He started walking first, slowly gaining pace. When he was at an average pace, he heard a noise from the back. He looked and someone was calling him to stop. the guy did not look like he was out for running. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 11

He had woken up with a heavy feeling in his chest in the middle of the night, which did not let him sleep back. After a few unsuccessful attempts to sleep back, he decided to get out of bed and start his day. He felt unusually tired, so whatever he did was half-hearted. To gain a bit more enthusiasm, he went out. All he wanted was to get some fresh air but he would soon witness a surprising incident, which would change his outlook in life and made these days with heavy feelings easier. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 10

She was going to meet her dad for the first time in 10 years. Since her dad left them, he had not called them nor did they know his whereabouts. But now he had suddenly wanted to meet her. Although she was very reluctant to meet this man initially, she later decided that she was interested in hearing what he had to say.

With these thoughts in mind, she parked her car and walked to the restaurant they were going to meet at. She walked in and saw him. ‘Oh boy’, she said to herself. ‘Here we go’. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 9

As she held her book in her hand, she raised her head up. She stared just in front of her. She knew she needed to do something today but she could not remember what. She found it hard to concentrate on the book because of that, and she wanted to remember it. Alas, it just was not happening. So, she returned to her book. After a few paragraphs, it came to her finally. She had a job interview today. How fool was she to forget that? She quickly got up, got dressed and left home. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 8

He had been trying to sit down and concentrate on his work for several hours now and he did not yet manage to do it. Each time he sat down to concentrate, he got distracted by something. There was something wrong today. There was a feeling in him that he could not explain and that was the reason for his lack of concentration. He was not sure if this was a good feeling or a bad one. Just different. He decided to try it once more, but he decided that he would check his e-mails before doing so. When he opened his inbox, his eyes opened wide at the sight of a name. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 7

Some women from the town had decided to revive some of the old games and she had brought her children to make them taste the kite flying competition, her favorite. She walked slowly to the competition area. The children had not waited for her. They were too excited. When the arrived the area, the game was about to start. Her children looked at her and smiled. Then, the competition started. [Your continuation goes here] 

Mini-Story Completion 6

Today was going to be a hard day. She woke up at 4 am, as it would take a bit longer to get ready for the interview. She got dressed, grabbed a few bites as breakfast and went out. When she reached the company’s building, she took a deep breath. She walked in, found the interview room and started waiting outside. After a half-hour wait, she heard her name. They were finally calling her. [Your continuation goes here].

Mini-Story Completion 5

He felt tired and wanted to go to bed right away. It did not matter that it was just 8. He would sleep regardless. He opened the door of his apartment, put his backpack down and walked to his bed. He lied on it without even changing. When he was deep sleep, his brother walked into his room (he had the key) and woke him up. He told him that they needed to talk about something. They walked into the living room and all the immediate family members were there. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 4

The boys, all 15 coincidentally, had just finished playing soccer in the field. Each headed to their own home. John, the shortest of them all, had played well today but he still did not feel good. One of the other boys had mocked his height. He sat in a corner on the way back and cried silently. While he was there, he heard some footsteps towards him and turned around to see who that was. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 3

It had happened again. She now had to go to the park for a walk. Otherwise, the disappointment would drown her. She had failed again. She had failed the third time. Maybe, her dream job was not achievable after all. Perhaps, she had to let it go. Her failures could be signs that she should give up. She could look for another job, another dream.

She sat on the bench with these thoughts in mind. Her eyes were tearful, her lips shaking. While in this state, someone sat next to her. [Your continuation goes here]

Mini-Story Completion 2

They were really good friends back in college. They had worked in the same company for a few years after as well. Then, Jane had done something Danielle had not expected: She had lied about her to their boss to get a promotion and she had succeeded. She had somehow convinced the boss that she was more hardworking, more reliable, overall more apt for the position. If there was fair competition, Danielle could have as well taken the promotion.

She remembered these moments as she looked at the text in front of her that Jane had sent after years, asking for a meeting. It was surprising but Danielle was also curious. She started typing. [Your continuation]

Mini-Story Completion 1

Hi all,

I want to try out a new segment on my blog. I will write a mini story and I will ask you to complete the story in a few sentences. In the story below, what do you think happened after she smiled at the guy? Let’s finish the story!

Mini Story 1: She was getting a sip from her coffee when she saw that guy. She felt the instant connection that people were talking about. Apparently, that is how love starts. She wanted to live these movies and so, she got up and walked to the guy. The guy had just finished his order. He turned around and saw her. She smiled and your sentences go here

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