To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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Mini-Story Completion

Mini-Story Completion 5

He felt tired and wanted to go to bed right away. It did not matter that it was just 8. He would sleep regardless. He opened the door of his apartment, put his backpack down and walked to his bed. He lied on it without even changing. When he was deep sleep, his brother walked into his room (he had the key) and woke him up. He told him that they needed to talk about something. They walked into the living room and all the immediate family members were there. [Your continuation goes here]


Mini-Story Completion 4

The boys, all 15 coincidentally, had just finished playing soccer in the field. Each headed to their own home. John, the shortest of them all, had played well today but he still did not feel good. One of the other boys had mocked his height. He sat in a corner on the way back and cried silently. While he was there, he heard some footsteps towards him and turned around to see who that was. [Your continuation goes here]


Mini-Story Completion 3

It had happened again. She now had to go to the park for a walk. Otherwise, the disappointment would drown her. She had failed again. She had failed the third time. Maybe, her dream job was not achievable after all. Perhaps, she had to let it go. Her failures could be signs that she should give up. She could look for another job, another dream.

She sat on the bench with these thoughts in mind. Her eyes were tearful, her lips shaking. While in this state, someone sat next to her. [Your continuation goes here]


Mini-Story Completion 2

They were really good friends back in college. They had worked in the same company for a few years after as well. Then, Jane had done something Danielle had not expected: She had lied about her to their boss to get a promotion and she had succeeded. She had somehow convinced the boss that she was more hardworking, more reliable, overall more apt for the position. If there was fair competition, Danielle could have as well taken the promotion.

She remembered these moments as she looked at the text in front of her that Jane had sent after years, asking for a meeting. It was surprising but Danielle was also curious. She started typing. [Your continuation]


Mini-Story Completion 1

Hi all,

I want to try out a new segment on my blog. I will write a mini story and I will ask you to complete the story in a few sentences. In the story below, what do you think happened after she smiled at the guy? Let’s finish the story!

Mini Story 1: She was getting a sip from her coffee when she saw that guy. She felt the instant connection that people were talking about. Apparently, that is how love starts. She wanted to live these movies and so, she got up and walked to the guy. The guy had just finished his order. He turned around and saw her. She smiled and your sentences go here

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