To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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Miscellaneous 14: Apologies

I apologize to everyone for not really keeping up much lately. I have not been very active in reading posts in the past week or so and will not be so for a few weeks. We are towards the end of the academic year and usually these times are the busiest. I will try to post as much as possible and read. But if I am inconsistent, please give it to the temporary busy schedule. I just wanted to let you all know.


Miscellaneous 13: On PhD Life

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Miscellaneous 12: Turkish Rock

Hi guys!

I mentioned in a post before (here) that I might do a post on Turkish rock songs. My favorites. So, here we go!

Turkish rock is my favorite-ever genre. First, it is not hard rock and I am not a fan of heavy music. Second, it has traditional Turkish tunes in addition to  rock tunes and I love east and west mixes. Third, the lyrics. Oh, they are the most powerful in any genre I have listened to. I will provide links to translations but they don’t do the greatest justice to it. But at least they will give a taste.

Now, just sit back and listen to them and let me know which ones you like and why. If none, that is fine too, but also tell me why again:) Also, I will put only 6 here, but if you guys are interested, I have a lot more in my pocket:)

Bir Derdim Var 

This is an iconic song by the band Mor ve Otesi, who I was able to see and listen to in a concert in LA this year! This is their best known song and I don’t know how many times I listened to it! I think this is my favorite Turkish rock song.

Here are translated lyrics:


Aman Aman

The band, Duman, is known for very heavy songs. lyric-wise and singing-wise. This is my favorite song by them and here are the lyrics:

‘Aman’ is an exclamation word we use in a lot of occasions. When we don’t care about something, when we feel heavy etc.


Haberin Yok Ölüyorum

This is the most depressive song by the most depressive band, in case you want to feel depressed. It is in the title “You don’t know it but I am dying” and you can hear it in the singing too.

Here are the lyrics:



Now, a song by a solo artist (Haluk Levent) and not a band and he is an iconic singer and this is an iconic song. Very heart-felt lyrics. Lyrics:


Sen Ağlama

Again a band, Badem. Very emotional song and iconic again. Lyrics:



Band alert! Yüksek Sadakat. The frontman’s voice is oh-so-good. Lyrics, so good, almost sufi-like. Here they are:


I hope you enjoy this list!


Miscellaneous 11: Meditation

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Miscellaneous 10: On Comments

I just realized that WP somehow put some of you guys’s comments in spam. If I have not replied to your comment, it is because it went to spam. Apologies! I will get to them as much as I can in time. Has this happened to you guys?


Miscellaneous 9: On my Short Stories

Practicing writing for a long enough time makes you find your own tone. This is what I am noticing in my writing too. My short stories used to be longer, but they are getting shorter and shorter, almost becoming poem-like. Maybe, that is really my tone. But it is interesting to just follow how your tone takes shape in time.


Miscellaneous 8: On Language Families

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Miscellaneous 8: Writing

I don’t know why but I want to write ALL THE TIME. It could be the effect of having taken a long break from it (long: 13 years) or it is just that this is me. Either way, I am surprised at this urge I constantly have in me.


Miscellaneous 7: Make Peace with Future

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Miscellaneous 6: Peace with Past

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Miscellaneous 5: Tiredness and Burnout in Millennials

I wanted to share this BBC article on the issue of tiredness and burnout in millennials. I found myself in it and I am sure you will all relate. 


Miscellaneous 4: Language Change as a Constant

Check out my second guest post on on how language change happens and how natural it is. 


Miscellaneous 3: Linguistics and Writing

I have always been in love with linguistics, which is why I have devoted half of my life to it. But today, after a full day at a linguistics conference (which went very well, by the way), I badly wanted to go to my new love: writing. Writing is probably as important to me as linguistics now.


Miscellaneous 2: The Rain

Who would have known that I would like the rain and the gray and cloudy sky (for Los Angeles) for a moment? Thanks to this beauty.(It was not raining too hard at the time, and it was intermittent).


Miscellaneous 1: The Cat

Just when I thought he could not get any cuter, I got this:


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