To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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Small Notes

Small Note 9: Hope

What do you do when you lose hope?

Small Note 8: Don’t say ‘Don’t be emotional’

Don’t say ‘Don’t be emotional!’. If you do, you are asking me (or any human) to deny a big part of my (our) nature entirely. It is asking me to go against myself (ourselves). Instead, say ‘Be emotional, but understand them so they do not take over you’. That is, understand them so they will not block your functioning because they are not being used properly.

Small Note 7: Meditation, please stay with me

I have been meditating regularly for several years now. But for several months, I tried to ‘integrate’ the meditative mind into all of my daily life, for which I gave up on focused meditation. I wanted to stay in that mindset for the whole day. I guess I also was stuck at that point and needed some kind of break. I was relatively successful. But later, I realized that not doing focused meditation is actually messing me up. I started feeling worse than before. I started back on my focused meditation and it helps greatly and instantly. So, maybe, it is not either or. It is both. Both focused meditation and mindful state of mind.

Small Note 6: Humans do human stuff

Humans think, feel and do human stuff. In this, what type of human you are does not play a role.


Small Note 5: Being Overwhelmed

What do you do when you are overwhelmed?

I tend to push to the last point I can bear and then let it go. Not the ideal way to go about it. But, oh well.

Small Note 4: Do Nothing

There was a guy in a cafe today. For the whole I was there, he just sat, doing nothing. Now, I am not unfamiliar with doing nothing. That is one of the main ways I get de-stressed.  But even I found this weird. Why are we so conditioned to doing something at all times?

Small Note 3: Walk

When I did not know what to do, I just went for a walk.

Small Note 2: Past is past, finally

For the first time in my life, I have not re-evaluated the semester I have wrapped up. Because, I thought, that semester is gone and I have new days in front of me. This made me happy. It means I do not dwell in my past that much anymore. I am sure I will be stuck in my past every now and then. But at least I made some progress in my endeavor.

Small Note 1: We are so conditioned to end-products

When I tell people that generally, when meditating, one sits there in silence and follows the breath in and out. Then I frequently get asked:

‘And then what happens?’

The answer is ‘Nothing. And that is the whole point.’


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