To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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Spiritual Musing

Musing 10: The Search

My eyes were tired.

I looked for it everywhere.

First, outside me.

Then, inside me.

I looked for it as an object.

Something I can see with my eyes,

And point to with my hands.

But no, nothing appeared.

Because the Meaning was All.

It had no location because it was everywhere.

It had no substance because it was everything.

Such was the lesson that taught my eyes to rest.

Musing 9: Every Cell in Me

The mind thinks it.

The heart feels.

And yet, I am still separated from the One.

Why, asks the mind.

I don’t like this, resents the heart.

Then comes their answer,

When every single cell in me join them.

No exception.

That is when I become one,

And unified with the One.

Musing 8: You do.

One day I thought,

Why don’t I see the layers of existence,

Why don’t I feel them all,

Why don’t I hear them roam,

Although I live with them,

And they are around me.

Then, one of them whispered:

You do.

Everyone does.

But not everyone notices.

Notice them.

Like you noticed me.

Musing 7: Path, Sign, Everything

Once you pass this bridge,

You will reach there, they said.

I did not.

Once you see this sign,

That is the end, they said.

It was not.

Once you do this,

Everything will be solved, they said.

They were not.

Nothing changed,

Until I knew the path, the sign and everything were me.

Everything was God.

Musing 6: What do you do?

When the walls squeeze you tight,

When the sky falls over you,

When the sound of your mind gets unbearable,

What do you do?

Where do you go?

When you are about to explode inside,

Like a balloon too big,

When everything crumbles in front of you,

What do you do?

Where do you go?

Who is your trustee?

Actually, do you have one?

Musing 5: The Good and the Bad

What is good?

What is bad?

What about the useful?

And the waste?

Aren’t they all part of the universe?

Maybe it is time to think

They are meant for us.

Both the good and the bad.

And the useful and the waste.

They are all us,

Because they are all the universe.

Musing 4: One

I wanted to reach the stars.

Touch the sky, chat with the moon.

The sun would be my friend.

This all happened.

When I knew they were in me,

I was in them.

I was the universe.

They were the universe.

We were all One.

Musing 3: Protection

Protection under layers

It should not see

It should not hear

That way, nothing can touch it.

Nothing did.

But it felt lonely.




When the layers lifted and it flowed

Then there was freedom




We don’t need layers of protection.

We need the vulnerability.

Musing 2: The Doors

Door shut on me.

Leaving me no air to breathe in

No hope to hold onto.

I could not see anything,

Enjoy anything,

Did not live.

Then the Higher Meaning appeared

Nowhere farther than in me.

I knew then

That the doors had shut

To open the doors in me.

Musing 1: Dark and Light

It was the depth of the dark

Where I considered home.

I had been there all my life.

Of course, it was home.

But I wanted light.

Looked for it too.

Light was not at home.

Then, I heard that sound

And I turned my light on.

Dark was still home.

But light was me.

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